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Provy supports local business

Build a sustainable, reliable income and deepen relationships with your loyal customers.

For businesses affected by Covid‑19

This is a challenging and uncertain time for local businesses everywhere. Yet, local services, studios, mom-and-pop shops, and more all are integral to the heart and soul of our neighborhoods; Provy can help.

Why should local businesses use Provy?

Predictable revenue

While discount cards are great, recurring payments mean you know exactly what you’re getting paid each month.

Customer retention

It is five times cheaper to retain your existing customers than to acquire new ones.

Expand your customer base

Though customers may pay more over the subscription term, the smaller monthly payments allow them to spread out the financial impact while enjoying the product or service's benefits as soon as they sign up.

Sustain your local business with Provy

"I've been floored by the success of my recurring income in the three months since I launched, especially considering the niche I cover. Provy has reenergized my business."
Gustav Berg, CPA
Why go subscription? is a place to develop a recurring income stream for businesses and pros. Let your clients subscribe to your services via a monthly membership to improve customer acquisition and retention, and increase revenue.

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