Instant Messaging for Lawyers
Chat with clients on any messengers or email in a single place.

Single inbox for client communications

Want to connect with your clients, regardless of the messenger app they prefer? We’ve got you covered. With Provy, every conversation is readily available in a single unified inbox.

Provy connects with the most popular messenger apps, and you can be present on the channels your customers love. There is no need to monitor different email or messenger apps for customer activity – everything organized in one place.

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To start work with Provy, create your clients' contact list with the menu "Contacts", and you open all Provy's benefits: managing workflow, cases, sales pipelines, customizable questionnaires, templates, document management and more.
No Manual Needed. Provy intuitively designed for newcomers and experts alike. Provy gives you a clear picture of customers cases performance over time, so you can optimize workflow and grow your business.
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