How effective legal workflow management can unlock high performance at your law firm
NOVEMBER 14, 2019

When Altman Weil’s 2019 Law in Transition Survey polled managing partners and chairs at more than 800 U.S. law firms, they asked how firms were improving teams’ performance.

What’s covered in this article?

  • The problem with billable hours
  • Smoother legal case management
  • Facilitating the business of law

The legal partners and chairpersons they surveyed noticed a significant improvement in law firm performance when the legal practice:

  • Systematically re-engineered the firm’s work processes (up more than 40 percent)
  • Used vendors that were not law firms (up more than 45 percent)
  • Used technology tools to replace HR (up more than 42 percent)

Improving workflows is critical to lifting firm productivity, profit, and matter outcomes for clients.

The problem with billable hours

Clio’s 2019 Legal Trends Report showed that the average American lawyer is working only 2.5 billable hours each day. That’s a lot of time each day that is not resulting in indirectly useful work for clients and firms’ bottom lines.

When Clio conducted further analysis of how much of that billable work makes it to an invoice and how much is actually collected, it found the average effective daily earnings of a firm lawyer can be as low as $432. So the problem is clear: how can firms free up more lawyer time for the work that truly matters?

Part of that picture is resourcing. When matters increase in complexity and duration, resourcing needs can shift to the point where the originally allocated legal team is no longer the best fit to continue to manage the case.

Smoother legal case management

It’s absolutely critical for firms to put the right paralegals and partners in the right cases. But in a fast-moving and demanding environment, where the pace of change might outrun the available expertise, the right people might be at another firm. It’s for this reason that some chief legal officers are demanding that their law firm panel members work together. This client-driven model of legal service delivery requires tight workflow management, collaboration, and teamwork.

Provy, for example, provides tools that can help firms use customizable templates to reduce commercial fact-gathering, along with automated processes for payments, sales, and a range of common client, partner, and agent actions.

Try Provy for free to automate your legal practice with outstanding tools and templates.

Facilitating the business of law

When clients are paying you for expertise, they can have high expectations about partner-level advice being a part of their matter, despite a desire to keep billable hours at a reasonable level.

Legal workflow software can help partners guard their time and get an overview of who is delivering the right level of client service across project teams and at paralegal level. In addition, frequent matter types and lawyers with consistently poor outcomes can be addressed, based on data, not intuition. The right technology can facilitate effective workflow management so that partners can develop the business management of the legal practice, while attorneys can prioritize fee-earning work.

That may sound like a kind of nirvana for you if you are a time-poor, overworked partner who is unable to take a breath during the daily torrent of approvals, emails, contracts, and fire fighting.

For many law firm leaders, bottlenecks of administrative work or approvals can hinder good law firm realization and collection rates. It’s why busywork is often the enemy of true law firm productivity. Where legal workflow automation can aid in this situation is by enabling a secure and fast system for preventing logjams of work.

Sophisticated workflow software like Provy can help legal teams deliver more efficient work, by enabling collaboration across project teams, and regional and international offices. A well-automated workflow can be transformative for managing partners who find their time stretched due to requests for support outside their area of expertise, onerous commercial fact-finding, being a guardian of firmwide governance, and poor document version control.

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