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Your single complete toolset to drive more revenue
Align all client-facing lawyers around a unified team, make a workflow exponentially more productive, and engage your clients in meaningful communication to maximize revenue.
Centralize & standardize communication
The more you know about your customers and their cases, the smarter you can be with your campaigns and deals. Our client and case management tools provide you with data and insights that guide your business every step of the way.
Everything you need to do better work
Provy creates an ecosystem to bring your legal practices to an efficient state. Our clients face higher conversion and fewer losses when distributing and selling their services. Provy makes lawyers more productive, more profitable, and just a little bit happier.
Put your daily tasks on autopilot
When you combine automated document management, reminders, payment processing, customer relationship management software, and more into one, not only are you saving a ton of money, but you're also saving time and reducing risks.
Cloud office for lawyers
Bring your team together and connect with your clients no matter where you are. Collaborate, communicate, and conquer your cases with Provy.
Interactive client collaboration
Let your clients do a daily routine for you.
Document uploader
Send the upload link to your client, and immediately after uploading, all files will be linked to the client profile and its cases automatically.
Client profile creation
It takes a lot of time to create a client profile. Allow your customers to do this for you by filling out a simple contact form and creating their profile in your contact list.
Client questionnaire
Create a step-by-step questionnaire, send the link to your client to get the answers you need, and save your time collecting information.
I can honestly say that Proovy really speeds up our growth. Now we process 2X more cases with the team of the same size.
Martin McDonovan
from Saturn Law
With Provy we finally use a single platform to run our law firm, so there is no need to switch between dashboards or pay for multiple tools. Thanks a that!
Samantha Phelps
from PSWA
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All features included.
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